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ELCOMETER – Single Element Transducers

Elcometer Single Element Transducers are designed for the thickness measurement of thin materials with precision.

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Product Description

A single element transducer consists of single crystal element housed in casing. The single crystal both transmits and receives the sound energy. It is common for a Single Element Transducer to be supplied with a delay-line to enable precision measurements on thinner materials.

Frequency and Diameter Disks

Transducers are selected by the frequency and size of the crystal. Frequency of the appropriate transducer is determined by the type of material and expected thickness range. The choice of the crystal size is determined by the access, shape and surface finish of the object to be measured.

Delay Line

Small part used with single element transducers to slow the sound pulse down to allow measurement on thinner materials. Can only be used with the precision gauges.


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