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EMERSON – Hyline Series

HyLine series of welders employ the company’s long proven electromechanical vibrator and a new digital drive controller to provide better control of the weld process along with many other new features not available on current equipment.

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Product Description

Branson, the pioneer in vibration welding with over 25 years of real-life production experience, offers an enhanced version of its popular HyLine Series linear vibration welders. Branson’s HyLine-2 Series welders are complete assembly systems designed to weld large or irregularly-shaped parts.

Three models, VW-4H-2, -6H-2, and -8H-2 are available to handle parts up to 58″ by 22″ (1473 by 559 mm) or multiple smaller parts.

The VW-4H-2 model has a solid-state 12.7 kW power supply, and the VW-6H-2 and VW-8H-2 both have 17.4 kW power supplies. All have an adjustable vibrating frequency range of 180 to 240 Hz. Modular construction allows the individual components, i.e., vibrator assembly and power supply/ controller, to be adapted to automated or custom systems.


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