EMERSON – MCGILL Incandescent Lamp Changers

///EMERSON – MCGILL Incandescent Lamp Changers
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EMERSON – MCGILL Incandescent Lamp Changers

Rubber Covered Fingers with Garter Springs.

McGill Incandescent Lamp Changers help make relamping easy and safe, eliminating the need to climb ladders or scaffolds. 

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Product Description

Applications :

  • Used to change hard to reach incandescent lamps

Features  :

  • Rubber covered fingers with garter springs make changing a variety of lamp types simple
  • Hard-to-reach lamps are easily replaced without using ladders or platforms
  • A variety of styles and sizes is available to fit practically all commonly used lamps
  • Models for use with incandescent, mercury, metal halide, and sodium lamps
  • Garter spring grips lamps firmly
  • Lightweight for ease-of-use and convenience
  • Insulated to help protect against shock
  • Changes lamps up to 7.6 m (25′) height (poles sold separately)


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