Mold Cleaners are custom HTD style heavy-duty tanks specifically designed for cleaning plastic injection molds, dies and spinnerets. They are equipped with high intensity side mounted ultrasonics and can operate at temperatures up to 180F (82C). The ultrasonic transducers may be mounted on two sides if both sides of the mold are to be cleaned at one time or on only one side if each side is to be cleaned individually. All mold cleaners are sized for the specific molds to be cleaned.

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Product Description

The ultrasonic injection mold cleaning tank is an immersion technology that consists of three components: the heated stainless steel tank which holds the cleaning solution and mold components or plates, several immersible ultrasonic transducers to convert electrical energy to sound energy, and a power supply to generate the 25 kHz frequency power, the preferred frequency for larger parts.

Branson injection mold cleaning tanks are available in standard as well as custom configurations to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. Tank sizes can vary from tabletop units for small mold components or segments to much larger tanks capable of cleaning entire mold plates or higher-volume cleaning found in larger molding operations. In addition, a recirculating pump and filter are available to remove particulates from the cleaning solution as they are cleaned from the mold components.

  • Better releases
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer maintenance man-hours
  • Longer runs
  • Reduced scrap and waste
  • More shots between maintenance tasks


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