EMERSON – Unidrive SP Modular

///EMERSON – Unidrive SP Modular
  • Unidrive SP Panel Mount

EMERSON – Unidrive SP Modular

Power system flexibility

45 kW – 1.9 MW (60 hp – 2,800 hp)

200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Unidrive SP Modular offers all of the benefits of the Unidrive SP control platform together with maximum power system design flexibility. Drive modules may be connected together in a variety of ways to create custom power conversion schemes such as, common DC bus systems, active input systems for returning excess energy to the power supply and parallel drives for high power motors.  The units can also be used for bulk power inverters for renewable energy systems.

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Product Description

Unidrive SP control with Modular power system flexibility

Unidrive SP Modular has the same control platform as the Panel Mount drives range, offering three option module slots, integrated automation control and high performance motor control.

Maximum Reliability

Unidrive SP Modular units offer maximum reliability, they mass-produced in high volumes and are proven in a wide range of applications, from high power fans to large cranes, and renewable wave energy systems to metal production.

Flexibility is Modular

The Unidrive SPM range comprises key modules that can be combined elegantly to achieve your design criteria with maximum economy.


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