EMERSON – Windturbines

///EMERSON – Windturbines
  • LSA 52 for windmill

EMERSON – Windturbines

Leroy-Somer produced its first wind turbine generator in the 80s.
Since then, Leroy-Somer has designed and built generators of all types and sizes for this market. Leroy-Somer was among the first industrial-scale producers of 3MW generators.

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Product Description

  • Power output available from 600kW up to 5MW
  • Voltages from 400 V to 15000 V
  • Induction or synchronous generators
  • Fixed or variable speed range (4 – 6 – 8 Pole)
  • Cooling Air/Air- Air/Water
  • Leroy-Somer has developed a water-cooled system, which particularly suites wind turbine applications. Water cooling focused on the active parts of the generator guarantees heat control and therefore extends the generator’s life.


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