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EXTECH – 407766

1kHz Professional Calibrator for 0.5″ or 1.0″ Microphones
This 1kHz 94/114dB professional sound calibrator is for 0.5 in. or 1 in. microphones. Calibrates and verifies sound level meter operation. Level position switch to select 94dB or 114dB with power on LED indicator light. Durable die-cast aluminum housing generates a 1kHz sine wave at 94dB/114dB to an accuracy of 5% (frequency) and ±0.5dB (94dB)/±1.0dB (114dB). Meets IEC standard 60942 1997-11. Comes complete with two 9V batteries, carrying case and screwdriver.

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Product Description

94/114dB Sound Calibrator Features

  • Calibrates and verifies Sound Level Meter operation
  • LED indicator lights up when power is on
  • Level position to select 94dB or 114dB
  • For use on Sound Level Meters with 0.5″ or 1.0″ microphones
  • Durable die-cast, aluminum housing
  • 1kHz sine wave at 94dB/114dB is generated to an accuracy of 5% (frequency) and and ±0.5dB (94dB)/±1.0dB (114dB)


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