OMEGA – 88401 Series, 88402 Series

///OMEGA – 88401 Series, 88402 Series
  • 88401-series-88402-series

OMEGA – 88401 Series, 88402 Series

  • Magnetic Mounts Provide Quick Placement for Contact Temperature Measurements on Pipes, Ducts, etc.
  • Model 88401 (left photo) Measures to 250°C (480°F)
  • Model 88402 (right photo) Measures to 400°C (750°F)
  • Relatively Small Size Allows Use in Tight Spaces
  • 88401 Dimensions: 19 mm (0.75″) x 27 mm (1.06″) x 19 mm (0.75″)
  • 88402 Dimensions: 9.5 mm (0.38″) x16 mm (0.63″) x 38 mm (1.5″)
  • Reuse Over and Over Again
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Product Description


Magnetized probes, suitable for long term contact pressure. The 88401 uses PFA insulated lead wire and is rated to a max. surface temperature of 250°C (480°F). The 88402 uses “GG” fiberglass insulated lead wire and is rated to a max. service temperature of 400°C (750°F). Both sensors are supplied with an SMPW connector and TAS adaptor. K Calibration uses CHROMEGA®-ALOMEGA® metals. E Calibration uses CHROMEGA®– Constantan metals.


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