///OMEGA – CHSA, HTRC and SCB Series
  • OMEGA -  CHSA, HTRC and SCB Series


  • Cartridge Heater Sleeve Adaptors
  • Heat Transfer and Release Coating
  • Unique Space Heater SCB Series
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Product Description

CARTRIDGE HEATER SLEEVE ADAPTORS for 3/8″ & 3/4″ Cartridge Heaters

  • 3⁄8″ diameter cartridge heaters can be sleeved to fit ½” and 5⁄8″ diameter holes, allowing one diameter to fit most applications.
  • ¾” I.D. sleeves permit installation of OMEGALUX® CIR hi-watt density heaters in 1¼” diameter holes to replace old-style large diameter heaters.
  • Makes removal of heaters easier— no more drilling, hammering, etc.
  • Made of steel, these pressed powder metal sleeves have been designed and fully tested to assure proper transfer of heat from the cartridge heater to the work.
  • 800°F maximum work temperature. For higher work temperatures, contact OMEGALUX.
Model No. I.D.(cm) O.D. Lgth. In.(cm)
CHSA-1 3/8″(.10) 0.498 1(2.54)
CHSA-2 3/8″(.10) 0.622 1(2.54)
CHSA-3 3/4″(2) 1(2.54)

HTRC Heat Transfer and Release Coating
OMEGALUX HTRC is used for improving heat transfer and release in the following applications:

  • Cartridge units in drilled holes
  • Tubular units in drilled holes, grooves or clampon surfaces
  • Strip and ring heaters in grooves or clamped on to rough surfaces

Laboratory tests have demonstrated that in high temperature applications, improved heat transfer can lower the internal wire temperature to provide up to 100% improvement in heater life. OMEGALUX HTRC is recommended for use in the above applications where sheath temperature of the heater is expected to exceed 750°F(398°C). HTRC has an excellent transfer coefficient approaching that of aluminum.

Maximum Use Temperature: 1800°F (982°C).
Shelf Life: Greater than one year.

Model No. Description
HTRC Heat transfer and release coating, 4FL. oz.

Unique Space Heater SCB Series

  • Fits in Standard Lamp Socket U120 or 240 Volts
  • Available from 50 to 200 Watts
  • Brass Sheath

Edison screw base installs in standard lamp socket for simple installation— to prevent moisture accumulation, mildew, freezing— in clothes lockers, fire extinguisher, cabinets, and control boxes. Also used in resistor banks.

Watts Model No. Wt. oz.(Kg)
50 SCB-50/120 9 (4)
75 SCB-75/* 9 (4)
100 SCB-100/* 9 (4)
150 SCB-150/* 9 (4)
200 SCB-200/* 9 (4)


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