• omega-dp25-vrms-dp25-crms


  • AC Voltage and Current Inputs
  • High 0.1% of Reading Accuracy
  • 4-Digit, 14 Segment LED Display, Red or Green
  • Exceptional Noise Rejection
  • Current or Voltage Inputs
  • Peak and Valley Detection
  • Front Panel Configuration
  • Optional Dual 5 Amp Relays, Analog Output, RS232, RS485
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Product Description

The DP25-RMS Series digital panel meter features high accuracy, 4 digits, and ac and true-RMS scalable inputs. The 4 digit, 14-segment alphanumeric display ensures easy reading and reconfiguration. This meter uses an integrated circuit that computes the true root-mean-square value of complex input signals. ac voltage measurements with a frequency of up to 5 kHz can be measured.

The DP25-RMS has the capability to capture and display both peak and valley levels of input signals. A dual 5 amp relay is available and can be configured to provide on/off control. An isolated analog output is available, which can be configured for 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc. RS232 and RS485 communication capability is also available. The true RMS AC input makes this meter an ideal instrument for use in power monitoring, piezoelectric sensors, signal conditioning, and many other applications.


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