OMEGA – FL-800

///OMEGA – FL-800
  • OMEGA - FL-800

OMEGA – FL-800

  • Available for Use with Both Water and Air
  • Flow Tube and Body Molded of High-Impact Polycarbonate
  • Precision Adjusting Valve Optional for Flow Control
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Economy Combined with Accuracy
  • Flow Ranges: Air 0.05 to 100 LPM; Water 4 cc/m to 40 GPH
  • Supplied with Easy-to-Read 10:1 Direct Reading Scales
  • Ideally Suited for OEM Applications
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Product Description

OMEGA’s FL-800 molded flowmeter is available with 24 different air and water ranges. This unit is supplied with scales in LPM Air, SCFH Air, CC/M Water and GPH Water, all with 10:1 turndown ratios. Molded of high impact polycarbonate, the FL-800 series has been designed to maintain maximum pressures to 100 psi at 21°C (70°F) and temperatures to 66°C (150°F) at 0 psig. The standard unit is supplied with a black body. These flowmeters are fitted with 1/8″ FNPT inlet and outlet connections. An optional control valve and 304 SS construction are available.

Accuracy: ±4% full scale
Body and Tube: polycarbonate
Floats: black glass, carbide, or stainless steel
Temperature: 66°C (150°F) max @ 0 psig
Pressure: 100 psig [email protected] 21°C (70°F)
Standard: Brass
Optional: 304 stainless steel
Valve (Optional): Brass or stainless steel cartridge type
Seal Material: Buna with brass fittings; FKM with stainless steel


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