OMEGA – FMA7400 & FMA7500 Series

///OMEGA – FMA7400 & FMA7500 Series
  • OMEGA - FMA7400 & FMA7500 Series

OMEGA – FMA7400 & FMA7500 Series

  • In-Process Programming
  • Programmable Full Scale
  • 50:1 Turndown
  • RS485 Standard
  • 316 SS VCR Fitting Available
  • Fast Response Time <1 Second
  • Multiple Native Gas Calibration Reference
  • Configurable
  • Seven-point NIST Calibration Certificate Standard
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Product Description

OMEGA® FMA7400/7500 (elastomer seal) and (-SS) (metal seal) thermal mass flow meters and controllers achieve unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility in many gas flow measurement and control applications. The FMA7400/7500 is designed to overcome a long-standing limitation of many thermal mass flow units when changing gas types, a simple correction factor, such as the ratio of heat capacities between the calibration gas and new gas, cannot account for accuracy robbing viscosity and density differences.
The Omega FMA7400/7500 database is built on thousands of native gas runs to establish correction functions that account for both thermal and physical differences among gases making the FMA7400/7500 series among the most accurate and flexible mass flow designs available today. The FMA7400/7500 series is the perfect choice for customers who use thermal mass flowmeters or controllers on a variety of gases, who need to change gas type frequently, or who need to re-range while preserving gas measurement and control accuracy.
The Omega FMA7400/7500 series features a corrosionresistant Hastelloy® C-22 sensor for durable, long-term operation. Settling time is less than a second and full scale accuracy is 1%, this ensures that the FMA7400/7500 will provide reliable flow measurement or flow control in demanding gas flow applications. Both FMA7400/7500 and the (-SS) version achieve excellent internal to external leak integrity for challenging process gases as found in CVD, solar, and other processes.
A major advancement over traditional single point gas conversion factors, Omega delivers up to a three times improvement in process gas accuracy. This is achieved through advanced gas modeling plus extensive actual gas testing protocols that provide extremely accurate compensation. This also allows the device to be quickly and easily configured for another gas and/or flow range without sacrificing accuracy or range-ability. Selecting a new gas automatically creates a new calibration curve, establishes optimized PID settings for dynamic control, compensates for gas density and viscosity effects, and ensures smooth, overshoot-free transitions between flow rates with excellent steady state stability supplying unparalleled flexibility. Re-programming is simple and fast; a new gas and range can be programmed in under 60 seconds.

Full Scale Flow Range: 3 sccm to 50 slm (depending on model number)
Flow Accuracy: ±1% set-point 35 to 100%, ±0.35% full scale 2 to 35%, ±3% with selected gas feature
Repeatability and Reproducibility: < 0.2% S.P.
Linearity: ±0.5% full scale (included in accuracy)
Response Time (Settling Time): <1 second (within 2% for steps 0 to 10 through 0 to 100%)
Control Range: 2 to 100% (normally closed valve)
Number of Bins: 10 bins
Valve Shut Down: < 1% of full scale (normally closed valve)
Zero Stability: < ±0.5% full scale per year
Pressure Coefficient: 0.03% per psi (0 to 50 psi N2)
Attitude Sensitivity: <0.25% span change @ 90° after re-zeroing (N2 @ 50 psi)
Auto Zero: Optional
Reference Temperature: 0°C (standard), 15, 20 or 21.1°C (optional)
Operating Temperature Range: 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psig (10 bar)
Differential Pressure Range: 3 to 860 sccm = 7 to 45 psid, 861 to 7200 sccm = 15 to 45 psid, 7201 to 50000 sccm = 25 to 45 psid
Note: High density gases require additional differential pressure. Example: Argon gas applications require an additional 10 psid differential pressure.
Leak Integrity (External): Elastomer seal 1×10-9 atm. cc/sec He, metal seal 1×10-10 atm. cc/sec He
Valve Type: Normally closed (controllers only), normally open with automatic shut-off (optional)
Fitting: ¼” compression (standard), ¼” VCR (standard for -SS models)
Downstream Conditions: Atmosphere (standard), vacuum or positive pressure (optional)
Primary Wetted Materials: 316 stainless steel, hastelloy C-22, 17-7 PH, 430 SS
External Seals: FKM (standard)
Optional: Buna, Perfluroelastomer, E PDM or Neoprene, 316 SS (standard for -SS)
Internal Seals/Valve Seat: FKM (standard), PFA (standard for -SS)
Optional: Buna, Perfluroelastomer, E PDM or Neoprene
Diagnostic/Service Port: All variations have an RS485 diagnostic/service port via 2.5 mm jack
RS485/Analog (Standard)
Digital Communication Protocol: Proprietary protocol based on HART® command set
Electrical Connection: 1 x 15-pin male Sub-D, (A), AUX valve drive (RELAY)
Analog I/O: 0 to 5V (standard), 0 to 10V, 0 to 20 mA, or 4 to 20 mA (optional)
Power: 12 to 24 Vdc/normal operation 7 watt maximum purge 8 watt
Profibus (Optional)
Electrical Connection: 1 x 15-pin male sub-D/1 x 9-pin female sub-D
Analog I/O: 0 to 5V, 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA
Power: ±13.5 Vdc to ±27 Vdc/7 watt maximum, purge 8 watt
DeviceNet (optional)
Electrical Connection: 1 x M12 with threaded coupling nut (B)
Analog I/O: 0 to 5V
Power: ±11 Vdc to ±25 Vdc/7 watt maximum, purge 8 watt
Diagnostics and Display
Status Lights: Controller health, network status
Alarms: Sensor output, control valve output, over temperature, power surge/ sag, network interruption
Environmental: CE, RoHS


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