OMEGA – FTB-1400-D

///OMEGA – FTB-1400-D
  • omega-ftb-1400-d

OMEGA – FTB-1400-D

  • Displays Rate and/or Total
  • Large 8 Digit by ¾” Display for Easy Viewing
  • One “D” 1.5V Alkaline Battery (Included) for Up to 3½ Years of Service
  • User-Friendly Front Panel Programming
  • NEMA 4X (IP66) Enclosure
  • Meter, Remote, or Swivel Mount Configurations
  • Loop Powered 4 to 20 mA signal (-LP models)
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Product Description

The FTB-1400-D display is a technologically advanced flow monitor designed to be comprehensive, user-friendly, flexible and cost efficient. This microprocessor-based display can easily be configured in the field. The user may choose between the standard model which is programmed in seven simple steps and the advanced model which provides additional programming options.

The FTB-1400-D display is offered in three mounting configurations: meter, remote and swivel display allowing for flexible installation. The display, when paired with a rugged, reliable OMEGA turbine flowmeter, will provide dependable and accurate flow information for many years to come. The display may also be used with almost any flow sensor that outputs a low-amplitude AC signal. The FTB-1400-D flow monitor accepts a low-level frequency input, such as the input from a OMEGA turbine meter, to calculate flow rate and total. These calculations are then displayed in user selected unit of measurement. They can be easily configured in the field.

The FTB-1400-D is battery-powered and utilizes one “D” size, 1.5V alkaline battery (included) that provides up to 31.2 years of service. The displays are equipped with a large 8 digit by 3.4″ numerical LCD making extended range viewing practical. The second 8 character by 3.8″ alphanumeric display provides for selectable units viewing in run mode and prompts variables in programming mode. Additionally, the user can choose between displaying rate, total or alternating between both rate and total.


LCD Display: Rate and total, fixed or toggle modes of operation 8 digit, 18 mm (0.7″) numeric (top line) 8 character, 9 mm (0.35″) alphanumeric (bottom line); resettable
Power: 1 “D” size 1.5 Vdc alkaline battery (included) less than 1 milliwatt (~3.5 years on 1 “D” battery)
Pulse Output Signal: One pulse for each increment of the least significant digit of totalizer. Pulse type opto-isolated open collector transistor
Max Voltage: 30 Vdc
Pulse Width (ON State): 20 ms/max pulse rate 20 Hz
Current (ON State): 0.9V drop at 5.0 mA or 0.7V drop at 0.1 mA
Inputs: Magnetic pickup
Frequency Range: 1 to 3500 Hz
Trigger Sensitivity: 30 mV p-p over voltage protected 30 Vdc Frequency Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1%
Operating Temperature: -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F)
Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66)
Units of Measure (Rate/Total):GPM/gallons, LPM/liters, M3PD/cubic meters, BPD/barrels, M3PH/cubic meters
Additional Specifications (-A) Model
Thirteen Selectable Units of Measure:
Gallons, oil barrels, liters,cubic meters, Mgal, MCF, MMCF, cubic ft, M liters, acre ft, liquid barrels, lbs, or kgs
Three Time Units for Rate Measurement: Day, hour, minute, or second ten point linearization programming
Meter Mount: Monitor is assembled to the flowmeter, creating a compact flow measurement system


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