OMEGA – H1700 Series

///OMEGA – H1700 Series
  • omega-h1700-series

OMEGA – H1700 Series

  • Digital Inputs/Outputs via RS-232 or RS-485
  • Connect to Solid State I/O Modules to Sense/ Control ac/dc Voltages
  • Configure Each Bit Individually as Input/Output
  • Control Digital I/O Singly or All at Once
  • 24 and 64-Bit Versions
  • Up to 24 Boards/7936 Channels on a Single RS-485 Line
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Product Description

The H1700 Series provides easy access to digital input and output signals through an RS-232 or RS-485 communications link. The H1750 provides 24 channels of digital I/O, while the H1770 has 64 channels. For interfacing to realworld signals, the H1700 Series is designed to work directly with OMEGA solid state I/O modules. Modules are available to sense ac or dc voltages, or to control ac or dc power lines. The H1750 mounts directly to the OMEGA SSS-PC-24V, which accepts up to 24 I/O modules, while the H1770 connects to up to four connects to up to four SSS-PC16-B 16-channel backplanes.


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