OMEGA – LVC-100-R Series

///OMEGA – LVC-100-R Series
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OMEGA – LVC-100-R Series

  • 1 AMP SPST Relay Standard
  • High Frequency (RF) Operation Ensures Accuracy and Reliability
  • Selectable Normally Open or Normally Closed
  • NEMA-6 (IP68) Submersible Sensor and Cable
  • Mounted in Any Orientation, Wet or Dry
  • Compatible with LVM-50 Series Single Switch Fitting Assemblies
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Product Description

OMEGA’s intrusive RF capacitance sensors deliver accurate and reliable liquid level detection with a SPST relay. RF capacitance technology provides a high level of dielectric sensitivity.

The sensor is impervious to variations in temperature, pressure, light, particulates, liquid color or density. Factory calibration ensures reliability with a wide range of polar liquids.

Accuracy: ±1 mm (0.04″) in water
Repeatability: ±0.5 mm (0.02″)
Dielectric Range: 20 to 80 dielectric units @ 1 MHz
Voltage Input: 12 to 36 Vdc
Current Output: 25 mA Max.
Relay: GP: 120 Vac/Vdc @ 1 A
CE: 60 Vac/Vdc @ 1 A
Switch Mode: Selectable, NO or NC states
Wetted Materials: Polypropylene (PP) or Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA)
Temp Rating: -40 to 90°C (-40 to 194°F)
Max Pressure Rating:
PP: 150 psi @ 25°C (76°F) derated @ 1.667 psi per °C above 25°C (76°F)
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 6 (IP68) submersible sensor and cable
Loop Resistance: 600 Ω @ 24 Vdc
Standard Cable Length: 3 m (10′)
Max Cable Length: 305 m (1000′)
Dimensions: 7.6 or 11.4 x 2.67 cm (3.0 or 4.5 x 1.05″); ¾ NPT connection
Note: Not for use in metal tanks.


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