OMEGA – OCS XL Series – Graphical Operator Control System

///OMEGA – OCS XL Series – Graphical Operator Control System
  • omega-ocs-xl-series-graphical-operator-control-system

OMEGA – OCS XL Series – Graphical Operator Control System

  • PLC + Operator Interface
  • Free Programming Software
  • Removable Mass Data Storage (MicroSDTM)
    — Supports Data Logging
  • Two Serial Ports
  • Ethernet and Telephone Modem Option Cards
  • DIN Rail Mount or Panel Mount
    — ¼ DIN size
  • Touchscreen Models Available
  • Universal Remote I/O Modules (Modbus/RS485)
    — Digital, Analog, Thermocouple, RTD
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Product Description

Introducing the XLe and XLt Operator Control Station (OCS) , an “all-in-one” controller, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (only 3.75″ square). These are more than just a PLC, they include a Graphical Operator Interface (HMI), built-in I/O, networking and removable mass data storage. OCS is a robust, reliable control product that combines a traditional controller (programmed with ladder logic) with an operator interface, I/O and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit using a single industry-recognized software package called CscapeTM.

There are three basic model types to choose from in the OCS line:
— The HE-XE series has a 128×64 graphical display and a 20-key keypad with 10 function keys and four “soft keys” which can be programmed differently for every user screen.
— The HE-XT series features a 160×128 touchscreen graphical display with 4 function keys.
— The HE-XL series has a 320×240 TFT color touchscreen with 5 function keys.

First with Removable MicroSD™ Memory
The XLe is the first industrial product to include support for the latest standard in removable mass storage. To date, this dime-sized memory is only found on video-enabled cellular phones and is available in densities ranging from 128 MB to 2 GB. This is ideal for storing process data, machine recipes, and application files. Users can easily update the application program through this memory device– allowing logic and screen updates to be made in a single step with transportable media.

Built-in I/O and Networking
The four available XLe and XLt models with built-in I/O include digital, analog and high speed I/O. For machine control, the high speed I/O can provide totalizing, frequency measurement, PWM generation and pulse outputs. The available universal analog I/O is ideal for process control applications with high-resolution inputs which can be configured for thermocouple, RTD, 4 to 20 mA, ±100 mV, and 0 to 10V signals. The XLe and XLt also have field installable communications options. An internal 10/100 MB Ethernet card makes machine data and XLe programming accessible at a plant-wide or world-wide basis. In addition, the XL Series is available with an internal 57.6k telephone modem card. While Ethernet and modem are optional, dual RS232/RS485 serial ports and an integrated CAN-based network are standard.

I/O Expansion:
XL Series I/O expansion is not limited to its built-in I/O.
Smartstix I/O (HE559 series) and Universal Remote I/O (HE359 series) is high-speed and can be local
or highly distributed. Add additional analog I/O (including thermocouples and RTDs) and digital I/O,
as well as relay outputs.


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