OMEGA – OMEGABOND® Chemical SetCement Series

///OMEGA – OMEGABOND® Chemical SetCement Series
  • omegabond-chemical-setcement-series

OMEGA – OMEGABOND® Chemical SetCement Series

  • Thermally Conductive
  • Thermal Shock Resistant
  • Electrical Insulator
  • Resists Oils, Solvents, Most Acids
  • Adheres to Practically All Clean Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Porous Surfaces May Require Dampening**
  • OMEGABOND®600 for Potting, Bonding, Embedding,Coating
  • OMEGABOND® 700 for Coating, Assembling, Sealing
  • CC HIGH TEMPERATURE Cement for Attaching and/or Insulating Thermocouples for Temperature Measurement
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Product Description


Chemical Set Cements set or cure by an internal chemical action which does not require exposure to air. Chemical Set Cements can be used in thick applications (applied in thicknesses greater than 1/4″)*.

1. Type of Application –Potting, sealing, encapsulating, assembling, bonding. Is a thick or thin film of cement required? This dictates whether or not an air set or a chemical set cement can be used.
2. Thermal Considerations –What is the maximum temperature that the cement must withstand? What degree of thermal conductivity is needed? What degree of thermal expansion is allowed? These properties are then matched to the appropriate cement.
3. Solvent – 10% Sodium Hydroxide. However it’s difficult to remove cured cement.
4. Substrate – What materials will the cement be in contact with?


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