OMEGA – PHA-4, PHA-7 and PHA-10

///OMEGA – PHA-4, PHA-7 and PHA-10
  • OMEGA - PHA-4, PHA-7 and PHA-10

OMEGA – PHA-4, PHA-7 and PHA-10

  • 1 Year Shelf Life
  • Pre-Mixed pH Solutions
  • Two Bottle Sizes Available
  • Standardized Against NIST Certified Sample
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Product Description

Formulated to provide precise pH determinations, these buffer solutions which are standardized against N.I.S.T.-certified reference samples, are ideal for calibrating electrodes and pH meters. The buffers are color-coded to avoid error and accurate to within ±0.01 pH at 25°C (77°F). Each buffer contains a preservative/mold inhibitor and a shrink-sealed cap to prevent contamination and leakage. Temperature compensation charts are included with each buffer solution. The shelf life of the buffer solutions are 1 Year.


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