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YOKOGAWA – Exaquantum/ARA

The Problem

Plant operators are often faced with a high number of alarms and abnormal situations and are therefore unable to respond quickly enough to prevent safety related incidents, environmental issues, shutdowns and equipment damage. A poorly applied alarm management policy resulting in excessive alarms and events can also make operators routinely ignore alarms due to the excessive amount of information being received.

The Solution

Exaquantum/ARA is Yokogawa’s Alarm Reporting and Analysis solution. Based on EEMUA 191 and ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009, Exaquantum/ARA assists supervisors and managers in implementing effective alarm management by highlighting patterns in alarm and event occurrences making it easier to identify and correct areas of concern.

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Product Description

  • Reducing the number of distracting and nuisance alarms will allow operators to focus on and react faster to abnormal situations with the proper corrective action
  • Reduced operator stress will improve reaction times for incident resolution
  • Improved plant safety and reduced risk of serious environmental incidents
  • Identification of improvement opportunities through focused KPIs
  • Consolidated alarm and process information can be supplied in custom reports to provide additional analysis information
  • Information available to key stakeholders on demand and by email, facilitating efficient and timely decision making


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