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YOKOGAWA – Exaquantum/mPower

mPower extends the power of Exaquantum to integrate business and process data in a production model to give you the validated information you need to optimize and maximize valuable production resources.

mPower’s object-oriented data structure makes it easy to build a model of your production, to the level of detail required. mPower is a member of the Exaquantum family of products that includes the nHance and Connect ranges of application and connectivity extensions.

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Product Description

The Core of mPower: Four Components

Material Balancing
Scalable dynamic mass balancing with advanced data reconciliation.


  • Early detection of poor unit performance, e.g. catalyst efficiency
  • Enhanced information integrity by the early detection and correction of measurement errors
  • Minimized losses through the early detection of discrepancies
  • Improved productivity through more timely identification and correction of production problems

Energy Balancing & Emission Reporting
Monitoring of energy flows in and out of a selected area.


  • Reduced energy costs through improved energy-related loss identification
  • Monitor energy production and usage
  • Facilitates a predictive asset management strategy
  • Early detection of sub-optimal performance in key plant assets
  • Facilitates a maximum energy demand strategy

Production Accounting
Real-time view of production including raw materials, intermediates and finished products.


  • Optimized stock management
  • Enables early detection of missed production targets
  • Provides an auditable methodology for the automated creation and management of production accounts reports, reducing administrative and regulatory requirements
  • Provides an auditable and consistent approach to generating production accounts

Movements Monitoring(Visa-OM)
Track raw materials, intermediates and products through an entire plant for continuous and batch-based processes.


  • Provides effective management and supervision of minimally automated tank farm facilities
  • Helps avoid contamination by tracking material and asset usage
  • Improved plant performance by enhanced knowledge of feed properties
  • Safer operation of the plant aided by tank ranking and alarm systems


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