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YOKOGAWA – RPO Workflow Composer

RPO – Workflow Composer VP

Workflow Composer VP provides powerful flowchart based graphical tools for defining and executing business processes. This provides a structured and integrated approach to coordinating business and operational functions between people, Yokogawa applications and third party applications.

Workflow Composer VP is part of the Yokogawa Real-time Production Organizer (RPO), a suite of MES platform packages.

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Product Description


  • Effective integration of business processes with production workflows
  • Improved organization & production planning using standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to define business-to-production functions and processes
  • The ‘automation’ of Business Processes leads to smoother and consistent execution of business process along with reduced manual intervention, thus leading to instantaneous responses from the Business Process and reduced manpower requirements
  • The ability to implement complex functions with a limited knowledge of programming, due to the graphical nature of the Implementation. Objects (such as sending an email, fault handling and issuing a task to an RPO User) are all standard features.
  • Computer and human processes are combined in the business process
  • Facilitating the design and clear definition of business and operational workflows
  • Significant reduction of planning time
  • Continuous improvement of Business processes and workflows
  • Proven significant manpower and cost savings through more efficient business & production agility.

Features & Functionality

  • Business Process Design:  Design Business Process Diagrams using the rich graphical palette of BPMN standard notation objects, Workflow Composer VP Builder supports the following two view levels into the business process definition:
    • Business Process Diagrams (BPD) are defined by business designers
    • Implementation Sequential Flows are defined by system engineers:  Configuration of Business process instances, Workflow Variables and Task Performers, Implementation Objects include Email, Fault Handling, Human Task, etc. Page Flow to guide procedural operations is supported, a main server can connect to sub servers and dispatch business processes to them, that is, business processes are consolidated into a main server.
  • Business Process Execution:  Event driven business process execution triggered by data exchange with external applications or other RPO modules, System integration through Web Services and RPO Event Broker, Transaction & Compensation functionality to handle incomplete execution of business processes.
  • Business Process Monitoring:  The Monitoring Console provides status information regarding all running business processes in real time, Suspend, resume and terminate active business processes, Runtime executor and coordinator services track and manage business process instance progress into database to view the history of completed Business Process instances.


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