YTMX580 can accept inputs from up to 8 points of measurement such as thermocouples (8 types: K, E, J, etc.) or RTD signals (3 types: Pt100, etc.), converting the corresponding measurement input values to a wireless signal. It can also accept DC voltage, resistance, and 4 to 20 mA DC signal input.1

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Product Description

  • Easy Setup: Field Wireless
    • Cut back on troublesome wiring, reducing setup costs.
    • Traditional wired connections can easily be switched to a wireless solution.
  • ISA100.11a International Wireless Communication Standard2
    • Advanced encryption maintains communication security.
    • Multi-vendor communication supports transmitters from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Reliable, Fast, 8-ch Multipoint Measurements
    • 8 ch universal input: Perfect for multipoint measurement applications.
    • High performance measurements with intervals as fast as 1 sec (3 ch), or 2 sec (8 ch).
    • Superb environmental tolerance:
      Operating temperature of -40 to 85°C
      (-40 to 185°F)3;
      Protection level of IP66/IP67 & NEMA 4X.
  • Explosion protection
    • FM, CSA: Intrinsically safe Approval, non-incendive (Class I) Approval
    • ATEX, IECEx: Intrinsically safe Approval
    • TIIS: Intrinsically safe Approval (pending)
  • Easy Battery Maintenance
    • Typical battery life is 6 years (measuring at 60 seconds intervals).
    • Battery packs can be swapped even in hazardous areas.
  • Supporting Plant Wide Field Wireless
    • Full Redundancy(Duplicate, Duocast)
    • 4hops
    • Remote Antenna + Extension cable


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